Řezník (Sodoma Gomora) Receives Czech Republic Grammy “Czech Nightingale” For Best Hip-Hop!

Good morning underground enthusiasts! Řezník of the Czech Republic  horrorcore hip-hop duo Sodoma Gomora was just awarded in his own country  a “Czech Nightingale” award (equivalent to a Grammy in the States) for best Hip-Hop! We here at Faygoluvers.net want to super congratulate Řezník on this profound historical moment among the underground! From what we understand, no one from the darker side of the wicked underground has received this type of music award within horrorcore hip-hop. And now it has happened in Europe! It’s amazing! Here is what the Czech Republic based magazine Aktualne.cz reported in regards to Řezník achieving  a Czech Nightingale.

From Aktualne.cz:

“Rapper Martin Pohl (alias Řezník) criticized Czech pop culture at the Nightingale Nightingale, according to him, the poll does not reflect trends. “Performers still ride here in the old dorms,” ​​he says. During the gala evening on Friday, he took over the prize for first place in the hip hop & rap category and the envelope with the money that the then organizers denied him in 2013 in the same competition.”

Have you counted the money yet?

Řezník: Yeah, it fits, there was a hundred thousand in the envelope. I’m satisfied.

I come across the question “have they given you the money?”, Which you have heard countless times in recent years. But now you’ve finally seen them, what will you do with them?

Řezník: I originally wanted to prophesy it that night, but in the end I didn’t make it, so I’ll probably use them to make a film that we recently shot and are now editing it in post-production. I went to Slavíky with the idea that I would win, but I should also get the money to win, I didn’t expect that. I take it as a conciliatory gesture, I was pleasantly surprised.

And will your Nightingale go to the cellar, or will you exhibit it somewhere in the limelight, where it will be visible?

Řezník: I’ll probably put it up somewhere. I take it as a prize from my fans who sent me votes, so for the price as such I’m happy and I have no reason to insult or smash it. But definitely a survey.

Did you get a feeling of satisfaction?

Řezník: Definitely. For me, it was nice to close the chapter with Slavík, it’s solved and I have no reason to infiltrate there again. Of course, it would be best for me if they didn’t renew the survey, because the suffering at the screens doesn’t outweigh my satisfaction.

How many people did you plan to upset with your speech?

Řezník: My plan was not to upset those people, but from my point of view they live in a dream that Czech show business is very nice and that they are stars, but when you compare it with abroad, it is somewhere completely different.

I think it’s good that someone told them. Maybe they’ll kick them, pull their heads out of their asses and start making the music differently. Of course, it’s annoying to hear, but when I had the chance, I wanted to comment. And even the fans, when they sent me those voices, expected me to say something like that and it wouldn’t be in the style that I would just come, nod and leave.

When we were leaving, did you leave the hall right after the handover, or did you still stay in the auditorium?

Řezník: I sat there for a while because I had my hands full, and then I went from there to the pub, where I had a shot and a drink.

So you probably heard the singer Monika Bagárová, who didn’t take napkins with you when she called you a rotten and moldy person.

Řezník: I was no longer in the hall, I only found out about it today. Honestly, I’m not mad at her. It’s clear that people have been affected, but what I did was not about wanting revenge. And in the end, I don’t care, because I don’t even really know who it is.

What did you promise from Slavík after a four-year break when we miss the win?

Řezník: It occurred to me that it might be refreshing, but it was still the same thing we were used to from ancient times. I don’t think anything has changed at all, it still stinks.

I wanted to have fun with my speech. It was an environment I don’t fit into at all, Butcher has nothing to do at the Nightingales, but when I was there, I mainly wanted to entertain myself and my fans and also to say what a lot of people think.

In a recent interview with Diary N, you mentioned that if you won, you would like them to play your song, Mr. Au, which criticizes ignoring pedophilia. But in the end, the song Traumaplan from your latest album was heard. Did she criticize anyone in the hall?

Řezník: At Traumaplan, it was not a clear critique of Czech society, but of world consumption in general, it shows the decline of everything, it is a vision of the apocalypse, how everything will collapse, and I do not want to be in it.

It sounds depressing to me. What are your concerns in the future?  

Řezník: This is not an outright fear, but rather a reluctance to live in this world in its current form. There are reports of a pandemic, the destruction of the planet, and wars everywhere. The way out of this is the technology that I mention there in the form of the text “I’m launching the Muska rocket”, in the clip the spaceship is directly depicted.

Generations of young people will break it

You announced in the same conversation that you would not hold back if you won if you won. And you kept it, you condemned Czech pop culture, in your opinion the Czech nightingale does not reflect the present, because what is popular is decided by young people who do not vote in the competition. What is the reason why Czech pop culture is in the state you described?

Řezník: I don’t know this for sure, but I think there are always the same people in it, still the same producers who have always had the same musical practices since the 80’s.

Although I don’t actively listen to pop music, at least I have a general overview, and when we look at what kind of music is awarded at the Grammy Awards, it sounds completely different than what is done here. These are Lucie Bílá’s songs all the time, love and romance itself, while trapped beats are used in America, it’s more daring, more controversial. It occurs to me that people are holding back.

Sure, it always finds its listeners, but it makes me feel that people here have nothing else to do, and that’s why they’re used to what we’ve heard on the air.

However, supply determines demand…

Řezník: It’s cycled, but it has to break somewhere. And I think it breaks down in young people who don’t listen to this anymore, they have their world, they’re on the internet, in clubs and they listen to their music everywhere, they completely cough up this. It will probably be resolved over time when this generation grows up. At the moment, it’s divided into a camp of young and older listeners, two worlds they don’t understand at all.

After all, the Hip Hop and Rap category now penetrates pop music and in the world it is intertwined, the most famous and most played performers are rappers, even in our country. For example, Viktor Sheen, who released the most played song in the Czech Republic on Spotify, is actually moving in a new direction, not like Marek Ztracený. Even though I don’t listen to it personally, I think this is the direction.

You mention Lucia Bílá, but on the other hand, Marek Ztracený and Ewa Farna are still a young generation.

Řezník: But the old dorms are still running. And it’s not just about themselves, but about the producers behind them. They like to be in the world of the Czech Nightingale, they are fine there, I saw them in person on Friday and they were grunting. However, just because I evaluated it in front of them does not mean that I have a key to solving this. It’s more my wish to move it a little.

In addition to what has already been said, you stated on the stage that “we have skilled, talented, progressive artists, but unfortunately they do not sit in this hall today”. Do you think they will ever sit there?

Řezník: I do not think. I have no idea how to do the poll so that the vote corresponds to reality.

In an earlier interview, however, you praised the election system of the new poll president, Karel Janeček.

Řezník: When I first read about the fact that these people took over Slavík, they had another system devised before. Originally, the SMS cost about five crowns and the money was to go directly to the artist to whom the vote was sent. This came as a good step for me to support bands and singers during the covid. Now the SMS were free. 

The new election model probably didn’t work and didn’t prevent existences like me from coming to the top!

On social networks, people commented that the president of the poll, Karel Janeček, revived Slavík only in order to start his presidential campaign, the singer Tomáš Klus also expressed disagreement. A minute-long spot ran on the TV screens every now and then, where Janeček appears as the savior of society from the dictatorship. The question is, did you perhaps inadvertently not participate in someone’s completely different game by continuing the war of the past?

Řezník: It is possible, one never knows what the plan of others may be, I have not seen behind the scenes. But I admit that it seemed so honest that something like this was going to happen. Janeček did a promo for himself at Slavík. If that were the case, I still don’t think what happened would affect voters in any way.

Who do you think is a talented artist who reflects today’s foreign trends?

Řezník: In rap, it’s definitely Redzed. And we get to the point that people in our country do not have the ambition to go abroad, they do not have a dream to humiliate it here and they will be satisfied with the Czech market. Redzed raps in English and has a million and a half listeners a month on Spotify, and is known around the world.

Then, for example, Lenny, she also sings in English, produces her own music, travels abroad, and I think this is the direction that performers should take. Trying to break through the world, not pat each other on the back and play celebrities when no one knows them across the border.

The question arises as to whether such performers will have ambitions to deal with the Czech Nightingale when they play abroad.

Řezník: Probably not, and I think it’s okay. So I have quite a few goals for winning the Nightingale.

And what if foreign trends are what Czech pop culture is like now?

Řezník: Well, I hope it doesn’t happen!

When we talk about the development of music performers, what did your music development look like when you came into contact with the horrorcore genre?

Řezník: My dad is an old big beater, so he’s been giving me training since he was a child – he’s been directing me in the right direction, and I’m coming back to this as an adult now. I have to say that I hated “popular” music and the middle stream from an early age, it all seemed very boring, the same and smooth.

When I first discovered horrorcore while listening to Insane Clown Posse, I was thrilled because it’s the direct counterpart of commercial production. I was fascinated by the freedom of storytelling, the creation of fictional worlds and at the same time strict presentation and phrasing – I enjoy it.

And at what moment did your alter ego Butcher come on the scene?

I started with Butcher when I was around 16 or 17, and I first released my first EP called Penetration Lust. At first, people refused it because it cost them a lot, until then they didn’t know it in the Czech version. But gradually they turned around and over time I gained more and more fans – both thanks to video clips and live concerts with the band Sodom Gomorrah. The journey has been long and tense, I currently have almost two dozen albums on my account.

Horrorcore is stagnating in the Czech Republic

Has the horrorcore genre won over truth and love? The Czech nightingale, on its Facebook profile, albeit obviously in exaggeration, previously called on fans to outvote you, and he also wrote this phrase.

Řezník: It wasn’t such a duel for me. Anyway, I hope he won over junk pop music! Rather than winning, I take it mainly as a demonstration of the strength of the fans who are able to mobilize and make me the winner of Nightingale, which is amazing from my point of view, I am grateful to them for that. They’re not like mainstream fans who know a few radio hits, these people know everything in detail.

Nevertheless, you recently mentioned that horrorcore is stagnating. Why?

Řezník: The Czech horrorcore scene used to have more active performers, it seems to me that only I, who unleashed it all years ago, are slowly staying here. El Marón of the Mass Murderers group is in prison, the boys from Terror Crew – Haades and Evil Dope – have broken up and everyone is going solo.

Fortunately, I have already managed to reach a level that can feed me, but if a person tries unsuccessfully for a long time, it is easily discouraged. Plus, we’re not a big market. I’m sorry, the times when there were more of us were fine.

Now that we’re talking, you’re in the bar. What are you currently working on?

Řezník: We are cutting the sequel to the film Hárder, this time it will be the feature film Hárder: Summer Massacre. We’re about halfway through, right now we’re picking out disco scenes for a dance duel. Our editor Šimon Hájek is a really clever and fleshy boy and we have a great time watching the recorded material. We don’t have a release planned yet, it will be sometime in the spring or summer, but this time we already have a distribution from Bontonfilm, with which we are setting a date, and everything is still changing due to the covid. But I think that people will come to the cinemas for this, because the first part already has the ground ready.

In addition to the film, you are also working on the eighth part of Life Not Beautiful: The Last Execution. What does it look like with her at the moment?

Řezník: The game was supposed to come out about a year and a half ago, and I’m honestly ashamed of the delays. Unfortunately, we work in a very small team and the game script was slightly oversized, so it took us a lot more time in the end. A beta test should be completed by the end of the year, and then we will set a final release date.



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