Freeze’s New EP ‘Death Match’ Due Out Physically November 30th!

Those who’ve been following the Wicked Underground hip-hop scene closely for over a decade definitely should be familiar with east-coast heavy hitter emcee Freeze AKA Freeze Martian! He recently released his ‘Death Match’ EP through Spotify. But for those die-hard collectors that always want their music in physical format, you will have to wait until next Tuesday, November 30th.  You can scoop up advanced hard copies of ‘Death Match’ through this authentic Bandcamp link here:

From Freeze Across Social Media: 

“I shattered my heel jumping off a fence after a show 2 years back. It wasn’t my proudest moment and was directly caused by me being hammered out of my mind. I spent the next year and a 1/2 in an even bigger alcohol binge and my music and life suffered from it. When I started getting sober I was making an E.P. and scrapped the entire idea once my mind wasn’t so clouded. This music is the result of my journey. I really hope you all enjoy this madness. Yes, it’s a little hard. It’s a little violent..But such is life.”

from Faygoluvers


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