Dead N Dirty Produktionz Unleashes Final Release “Gravest Hitz: Blood, Sweat, & Yearz”

Before Str8jaket became affiliated with Psychopathic Records, Native World Inc., and Majik Ninja Entertainment, (then soon after founded Hypnotic Sound Studios) he used to help run Flint, Michigan based label Dead N Dirty Produktionz. Today Dead N Dirty Produktionz has decided to unleash one last release before closing the casket for good on itself. We here at are talking about the brand new “Gravest Hitz: Blood, Sweat, & Yearz” compilation featuring 26 tracks of unearthed and unheard “Wicked Shit” from Dead N Dirty Produktionz. It even features guest appearances by Project Born, The R.O.C., and Myzery! Fans can support “Gravest Hitz: Blood, Sweat, & Yearz” through Apple Music here:

from Faygoluvers


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