D-Loc Announces His Own Kottonmouth Kings Tour?!

This is rough for all the die-hard Kottonmouth Kings fans that repped the crown to the fullest for nearly twenty years. D-Loc has decided to continue carrying on the Kottonmouth Kings legacy with his own KMK band “Kottonmouth Kings 4 Life” with a tour. No original Kottonmouth Kings will be part of this tour except D-Loc and a completely new band. With that being said, the Kottonmouth Kings 4 Life legacy tour kicks off Saturday, November 27th in Tempe, Arizona at the Marquee venue and looks to be fully wrapping up on February 25th, 2022 at the Whiskey a Go Go venue in Hollywood, California.  So if you’re curious to see what he’s bringing to the table, hit up ticketmaster.com for tickets. Peep the official Kottonmouth Kings 4 Life legacy tour flyer. below.


from Faygoluvers


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