The “United States of Insanity” Documentary Receives Unanimous Praise

Yesterday, the documentary United States of Insanity (which covered the Insane Clown Posse and their overall battle against the FBI) was shown in theaters nationwide. Directed by Tom Putnam and Brenna Sanchez, the film touched upon ICP’s beginnings and their gradual climb to success. It then covered the eventual fight against the FBI, the march in D.C., and the misconceptions of juggalos. The film apparently struck a chord with the masses as a large array of websites gave the film a thumbs up. Some excerpts include:

Do we want to live in a society that ruins people’s lives for their musical taste? Hopefully not. Watch The United States of Insanity to see what that means and decide for yourself. -Film Threat

Not only is [the director] convinced that ICP is one of the most hardworking and entertaining acts in the business, but he also believes that, deep down, we might all have a little Juggalo in us, if we’re lucky. -Detroit Metro Times

The United States of Insanity is a terrific documentary, even-handed, entertaining and insightful about a fascinating subset of popular culture. -Beat Media

Putnam was also interviewed by a few websites prior to the film’s release. Although United States of Insanity was only in theaters yesterday, there are plans to make the film available to streaming in early December. More info about the re-release will be revealed at a later date. A list of the sites that reviewed or mentioned the film can be seen below, along with a handful of interviews:

Austin Chronicle (interview)
Bad Feeling Mag (interview)
Detroit News (interview, paywall)
Film Threat
Bloody Disgusting
Detroit Metro Times
We Live Entertainment
Beat Media

Although there’s only five critic reviews on Rotten Tomatoes currently, all five gave a positive review; thus, the film has a 100% rating at the moment, technically.

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