Psychopathic Museum members donate to an 11 year-old Juggalo Youtuber’s collection!

A few weeks ago, a Juggalette named Milinda V. reached out to me after a video was posted of an 11 year-old Juggalo Youtuber who started reviewing ICP and Twiztid albums.  This was done via the Psychopathic Museum, and Milinda had the idea to get together a box of goodies for this little Juggalo homie.  After watching a few of his videos and seeing how enthusiastic he was about all of this newly discovered music, I knew we had to come through for him!

The call was put out, and a group of Juggalos from the Psychopathic Museum came through with a vengeance!  We hooked this ninja up!  He had mentioned some albums that he was missing, and although we didn’t get them all, he definitely got a lot more flavor than he was expecting!

He did an unboxing video that you can see below:

After the initial video cut off, he made another one that showed off more of his newly acquired collection:

Give this ninja’s videos a watch and make his day by actually subscribing to his channel here:LIL NINJA – YouTube 

Thanks once again to all of those who donated to the cause!

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