Mega Ran Releases NBA Tribute LP “Live ’95”!

Influential nerdcore hip-hop icon Mega Ran just released his brand new NBA tribute LP “Live ’95”! Fans can support “Live ’95” at these authentic links here:

Mega Ran “Live ’95” Press Release: 

“Mega Ran’s 11th solo full-length album release explores the intrinsic relationship between hip-hop, basketball, and the inner city cultures that have allowed each to thrive.

“90’s hoops were just as influential as any video game or comic book I picked up,” Ran says. “Now I get to give back.”

Through tracks interspersed with words of wisdom from several Hall-Of-Fame level former NBA talents and analysts, the Philadelphia-born MC weaves playful innocence with the storytelling and hopefulness that have made his fans proud over the past ten years. The album shines a light on many of the traits required to be a champion… from coaching to hard work, and even a little luck.

Now is the time to suit up and bring it home.”

from Faygoluvers


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