(HED) P.E. Reveals Upcoming 21-Track Collaboration Album “Califas Worldwide”!

Metallic hip-hop punk rockers (HED) P.E. just announced that their  “Califas Worldwide”  upcoming 21 new tracks collabo album will indeed be officially dropping Friday, December 17th through Suburban Noize Records. Califas is a Hispanic nickname for Southern California, a moniker that perfectly describes (Hed) P.E’s Huntington Beach G-Punk sound as it melds together with artists from around the world to create the unholy union of “’Califas Worldwide. Preorders are now live through the official SRH Shop here:https://shop.srh.com/collections/latest/products/copy-of-hed-pe-califas-worldwide-pre-order-cd

Also! (HED) P.E. will be continuing their “SANDMINE” tour next Friday, October 29th!

Official SRH/Suburban Noize Records Press Release Regarding “Califas Worldwide”

(hed) p.e. presents ‘Califas Worldwide’ – a new 21-track collaboration album featuring underground artists from across the globe and art design my iconic rock poster illustrator, Jim “Taz” Evans! When asked about the genesis of this project, (hed) p.e. frontman, Jared Gomes said, “when the first phase of the pandemic hit and canceled touring, we had just released [the album] ‘Class of 2020’. Rather than sit around waiting for this thing to end, I decided to channel all my energy into creating music and challenged myself to work with new artists from a variety of styles.” “The title of the record comes from the word Califas, which is Spanish slang for California, and taking that SoCal g-punk sound that (hed) p.e. is known for worldwide!

Over two dozen new artists and members of the (hed) p.e. family came together to make this project during a time when the world was in chaos. “People from all over the world from places like Belarus, Russia, England, France, Argentina, Italy, and Germany.” The new world orphans united and created this record full of eclectic vibes from different genres. (hed) p.e. has been fusing together punk-rock, metal, hip-hop, and reggae for over 20 years — this record has offered the group the opportunity to work with artists from all of these genres and push their boundaries.

This record includes features from Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher of Fishbone, HR of Bad Brains, Johnny Richter of the King Klick and formerly of the Kottonmouth Kings, John E. Necro of OPM, Ipcus Pinecone of The Villebillies, Shifty of Crazytown, Electric Poets, The Final Clause of Tacitus, Lio Mori, Brandon the Wizard, and more! 

(hed) enlisted “Rock Poster God” and California art legend Jim “TAZ” Evans to illustrate the album cover for this project. TAZ has illustrated and designed some of the most iconic rock posters for people such like Neil Young, The Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, The Pixies, and more. For ‘Califas Worldwide,’ Evans came up with an iconic lowrider and street art that have been synonymous with the southern California landscape. 

TAZ and the SRH Family put together a special limited edition pre-order bundle featuring the iconic art from TAZ.

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