Ritual of Ether X Dieabolik the Monster – “Anti-Hero” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Legends speak of a lethal alliance… The Leader of Hell’s Army spawned from The 7th Circle… And The Monster who abuses The Word of the absent God… Ritual of Ether and Dieabolik The Monster unite to unleash “Anti-Hero”, an anarchistic audiovisual collaboration courtesy of Shrunken Head Entertainment! There are heroes. There are villains. Then there are those who just don’t give a fuck! 🎶 Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Ritual of Ether 🎥 Ritual of Ether and Braindead ✂ Ritual of Ether and Braindead ✨ Kim Trellz aka Kiristan Krekeler, Nikita Adkins, Braindead, DIE, and ROE Shrunken Head Ent/ 7th Circle Serpents

from Faygoluvers


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