Dead Heat and Humble Lunatic – “Censored” [Official Music Video]

One song a week for one year.

Week 2: Censored

The Official Music Video for ‘Censored’ from Dead Heat and Humble Lunatic off their new album ‘Censored’.

The New Rochelle natives speak on some controversial and important issues with this record. Health is at the forefront of our minds, as a society right now. It also seems that blatant corruption, greed and lies surrounding Covid-19 have surfaced to make people second guess the official narrative. Alternative media is laughably called fake news, when the mainstream media convinced nearly the entire world that this pandemic was a real threat. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the rtPCR tests is on record stating that PCR tests should not be used for diagnostic purposes, before he passed away.

This song pokes fun at the absurdity of all these new regulations; their enforcement, the health monopoly, corporate coercion and of course, the very controversial mRNA vaccine.

Censored, the album includes guest appearances from Ill Bill, Stu Bangas and G-Mo Skee.

Both vocalists have an affinity for the 90’s era boom bap hip hop and are now working with some of the artists they grew up listening to. 14 out of 17 songs are entirely produced by Dead Heat.

Produced by Vic Grimes
Written by Dead Heat and Humble Lunatic


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