Twiztid’s “Electric Lettuce” EP Pre-orders Now Available!

Twiztid has announced their latest EP after dropping a plethora of music over the past year!  This one, titled Electric Lettuce, is scheduled to drop on April 23rd!  The EP is 9 tracks and features most of the Majik Ninja Entertainment roster!  Check the track list below:
  1. Safe Place
  2. We All Float
  3. Get Matt Nipps
  4. Light It Up
  5. Get Blaze
  6. No Smoke ft. Blaze, Boondox, Gibby Stites, AXE, AMB, REDD, and Oh! The Horror
  7. High ‘Til I Die ft Lee Carver
  8. Right Here Ninja
  9. Feeling Stuck

The EP comes out the same week as Alla Xul Elu‘s Necronomicon 2 CD, so they have a bundle that includes both of those for sale!  There are also pre-order bundles with t-shirts, posters, and even a Bumpboxx bluetooth speaker!

To see all of the pre-order options, jus go to this link:

The release date is less than 3 weeks away so don’t sleep on getting this pre-order on!

Click to pre-order the Electric Lettuce EP!

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