Reminder! Like A Villain Unleash Political Terminator Thriller Track “$kynet”!

Happy Easter, fam! We wanted to remind our readers/supporters that the Tuscon, Arizona break-out street metal heavy hitters Like A Villain recently released their mad fresh Terminator-influenced metal-hip-hop mosh ‘n’ roll banger, “$kynet”! And hot damn does it pound! This track is bound to cause mosh pits to last for months on end! 

From Like A Villain’s official press release:

“The track, recorded at Studio Goest and produced, engineered and mastered by Ryan Daminson, is reminiscent of classics from Body Count, Rage Against The Machine and Hatebreed, with a modern twist.”

“Lyrically, “Skynet” is a biting commentary on modern society.  “$kynet'” digs into the division between those who run our government and it’s citizens,” explains the band. “The track paints a picture of a bleak existence where we all have the the commonality of death. The decisions of our representatives affects our overall existence and ability to live our lives as meant. With “$kynet,” Like A Villain aim to encourage the masses to push back. “Strapped down to their decisions driven by greed, power and lobbyists the song strives for us to fight back by any means necessary,” they say, “Be the hero, but do it Like A Villain.”

You can peep the metallic hip-hop flavor below within Like A Villain’s “$kynet” below!


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