ICP’s Prom Night Massacre show will take place in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Well holy fuckin’ shit Juggalos!   We got word today that the 25th Anniversary Prom Night Massacre show will NOT, in fact, be happening in Detroit.  They just posted a flyer and all the details about when and where the show will be taking place.  For those who didn’t read the title, you’ll have to take your ass down to Fort Wayne, Indiana (for some unknown reason) and get your wicked on!

The way this is described, it sounds like those in attendance will FINALLY be able to dance in the Faygo rain!  They describe it as a “Full Scale Concert”…the first in over a year!

Now, let’s check out the details below.

From Facebook.com/InsaneClownPosse:


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This is IT, Juggalos! The event you’ve been waiting for: ICP’S FIRST FULL-SCALE CONCERT IN OVER A YEAR! Not only that, it’s the 25th anniversary of what was considered one of the best concerts of ICP’s career…the legendary SEVERED LIMB HIGH PROM NIGHT MASSACRE SHOW!

But wait! There’s more!

This show is also the SECOND Official event of the Ultra Live Monster 5 concert series, which means if you are a subscriber in April you will also receive the 2nd of five Ultra Live Monster 5 coins!

But wait! There’s even MORE flavor that awaits you! If you show up dressed for zombie prom, you get an exclusive, newly recorded single from fucking ICP! So come dressed in your finest threads and get what is certain to become one of the most sought-after collectables in the Juggalo universe … the EXCLUSIVE Severed Limb High Prom Night Massacre 25th anniversary SINGLE!

This is the BIG one, Juggalos! You are not going to want to miss underground music history in the making!

Tickets are $100 AND ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED!! Due to COVID-19, we can only sell a select number of tickets for this event, so DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS! This WILL sell out and we don’t want you to get the bone!

Come be a part of the class reunion at the 25th Anniversary SEVERED LIMB HIGH PROM NIGHT MASSACRE SHOW!

Tickets go on sale SATURDAY, APRIL 17th at 10 a.m. at Psychopathicvault.com.


Piere’s Entertainment Center

5629 St Joe Rd

Fort Wayne, IN 46835

The great thing about this show is that Psychopathic decided to put a price on the tickets rather than let them get ridiculous like it did for Juggalo Day.  They are $100 each, but will be in extremely limited supply.  Make sure you’re online with your credit card ready this Saturday, April 17th at 10 AM EST!

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