J Payne – “Ride Or Die”

Download J Payne’s 2017 album Ride Or Die here: J Payne- Ride Or Die 2017LRM (mediafire.com)

  1. Untouchable
  2. I Saw The Light (Ft. Marz & Setfree)
  3. Uh Oh
  4. We Out Here (ft. Excalibar & Mr. Del)
  5. Now Or Never
  6. Know You Now (ft. Time & Killa C)
  7. Rid eOr Die
  8. Let ‘Em Know (ft. Time & The Jokerr)
  9. Devil Don’t Like Me
  10. You Don’t (ft. InClyne & Lyme)
  11. What (ft. Time)
  12. Why Do You
  13. Scratchin’ The Surface (ft. Time)
  14. Filthy Rags or Holy Blood
  15. I’ma Jesus Freak (ft. Psalm)
  16. Ride Or Die Chick
  17. Mor Of You, Less Of Me (Ft. Chrischon Ellis)
  18. Know You More (ft. Time, Brandy Payne & Emily Leshman)
  19. I Saw The Light (ft. Marz & Excalibar) [Alternative Version]

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