*Faygoluvers Premiere* Dolemite Knighted Emcee Daniel Jordan Reveals Controversial Video For Hip-Hop You Can Relate To Single “I Don’t Wanna Be Me Anymore”!

During the final years of one of the Godfather’s of hip-hop life, the punk rock vigilante emcee many of us have came to respect over the last decade known worldwide as Daniel Jordan used to hang out and run personal errands for Dolemite (Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20160303225237/http://blog.analogmedium.com/2008/04/i-live-4-funk-by-daniel-jordan.html)

And eventually the two entertainment  legends from totally two different walks of life ended up making a few tracks together (including the widely popular “I Live 4 The Funk” with the other Godfather of hip-hop, Blowfly!) due to Dolemite admiring Daniel Jordan’s young charismatic punk rock hip-hop attitude. This lead to Dolemite knighting Daniel Jordan personally to pass the torch representing Dolemite legacy! Now over a decade later Daniel Jordan has dived straight into the depths of hip-hop hell by channeling his early despondency controversial musical roots with his brand new Type-O-Negative sampled emotional heavy hitter “I Don’t Wanna Be Me Anymore” from his most personal record to date “Dark Night of the Soul”.

Inside the heart-wrenching psychological Dope Scorsese filmed video Daniel Jordan is strapped to a cross battling his inner demons while spitting raw lyrical hip-hop his die hard fans have grown to love, especially the super supporters whom have straight up become obsessed with Daniel Jordan’s career, collecting every piece of music memorabilia the man releases. “I Don’t Wanna Be Me Anymore” pushes Mr. Jordan towards new skyscraper status musical heights within the underground, proving that the man who loves misery still has another twenty years of music creativity that’s strictly for the misfits of society! Enjoy this special Faygoluvers.net premiere with Daniel Jordan’s “I Don’t Wanna Be Me Anymore” below!


P.S. Limited Daniel Jordan “Dark Night of the Soul” vinyl is now available through this official DJ webstore link here: https://killedbyloveshop.bigcartel.com/product/dnotscd


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