Aaron and Erik’s “IC(u)P w/ We” Podcast offers ICP Album Reviews starting with Bassment Cuts!

Some ninjas named Aaron and Erik hit me up about a podcast that they’ve been steadily dropping episodes on weekly for nearly a year!  There are 42 episodes so far, and the premise of the podcast is that Aaron is a new listener, and Erik had been a fan in the late 90s – early 2000s.  Erik hasn’t kept up with their latest releases, so they decided to start from the beginning with Bassment Cuts and rank each album from 1-5 Faygos.

Each week, they review the next album in chronological order.  We’re not just talking main albums…they are doing everything from Joker’s Cards to Psychopathics from Outer Space, Forgotten Freshness, and more!

They’re on episode 42 already which brings them to Marvelous Missing Link: Lost!  Check out their description of the podcast here:

From ICUPWWE.buzzsprout.com

IC(u)P w/We is a podcast created by a pair of curious music and pop culture fans, FOR curious music and pop culture fans! On each episode, we review an Insane Clown Posse album, working our way chronologically through their discography. Together, we’re unraveling the mystery that surrounds the persistent pop-culture phenomenon that is ICP. Are we Juggalos? Good question. I guess we’ll figure that out along the way. Are our Spotify algorithms completely changed forever because of this? Yes, absolutely.

Take a listen to any or all of the episodes via Spotify:

You can also listen to these episodes via Buzzsprout here: IC(u)P w/ We (buzzsprout.com)

Let these ninjas know what you think!

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