Eastside Ninjas (ABK x Twiztid x Blaze) – “ESN” [Official Music Video]

ESN, the new single from Eastside Ninjas (ABK x Twiztid x Blaze) – Out Now!

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Written by Twiztid, ABK, and Blaze
Produced by Young Wicked
Mixed by Young Wicked

Lyric Video by Bonez Dubb

Mutha fuckas hate us
We be innovators
People imitate us
like they entertainers
Y’all can never fade us
Even with a barbershop
I remain the same mutha fucka
At the bottom at the top
In the biz
ain’t no matter
what it ain’t
Or what it is
Ima add it between detergent and softener
In the laundry list
Stay fresh like Sunday best
Got all black on in my mind tie and a vest
More like a shadow I guess
Except I got a sword
On my right and my left
And I forgot there’s more
Than one way to your death
But I must not
Fall into a perilous pit
So let’s get back to
Soaking em in volatile spit
And then relax
And sit and watch the tolerance shift
And then attack
And smoke em like a half in a spliff
Double back and I sink em
Like a hole in a ship
And make em dip
Like a potato chip

Ima kill all that noise in a minute
If Something popping off
Best believe I’m in it
Got 17 shooters on my front lawn
They ain’t got a clue bout the arsenal
I’m sitting on fucking with the dead
Don’t get mislead by amateurs
I’m the cadaver now ya in my perimeter
I mean my peripheral don’t play all simple hoe
My Nine-millimeter leaving permanent dimples though
Unloading clips gun smoke fills the air
An Gun powders burns on my skin say I was here
With blood dripping down on my face without a care
Got em shivering and shaking from the dead man stare
What you thought it was
ain’t Never been a game
So if you looking for a race
Stay up out the fast lane
An I Cut em all down with the ak
Chunks of brain matter an blood starts to spray

let me get him let me take him out I’m ready
running rampant in my head is weighing heavy
we be mashing on them on the daily
like we going crazy
lately I’ve been feeling like a loaded weapon with no safety
coming at you with something that you’ve been dying for
Living Livid I’m sick and tired I can’t take no more
shots fired ain’t nobody hit on my side
if I don’t make it then go tell somebody that I tried
working hard or hardly working to get it right
Steady moving and swinging and putting up a fight
We in your face like a Mirror check your reflection
I’m pulling up to your spot with no protection
Look at me Looney and I’ll give you something you don’t want
Come with a banger and I guarantee you won’t respond
We at a level I don’t think you can reach
We got the perimeter locked so nobody can breach we on it

I just wanna get this offa my chest cuz I don’t like stress
I think everything y’all do y’all use us for the reference
Twiztid we been beastin since we came on through the entrance
One thing we have never looked for ever is acceptance
Maybe take a better look at what I been doin I been doin it better
Never wanna see another you I gotta different kinda view I gotta keep it together like I was tyin up a shoe an I can do it forever
Cuz I’m a fucked up mind at a fucked up time whatever
You cross that line and I’ll come find ya weather
Or not your fine is off my mind a stretcher
Can’t help your spine when I decide to get ya
Pay them no mind they all hate on ya boy
Imma beast all the time I’m the underground hank McCoy
I got the east on my side like a pocket in corduroy
I feel like I reach out to minds on a rocket set to destroy
I don’t see the need for another view it’s agreed
Get the W and proceed to eliminate what’s in front of you
Imitate what they gonna do feel the hate when they comin through
Be the greatest not the latest to sound like any another do

from Faygoluvers


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