BrotherZ GriM – “Chapter 3: Temples of the Grim (…And Rites of the Crooked Path)”

Stream via Spotify here:

BrotherZ GriM had this to say about their album:

Our album is finally past the gatekeepers and on Spotify (and all streaming sites) now!

Its totally, 100% D.I.Y. (beats, bars, artwork, mixing…) and we have as much interest in any kind of record label as they probably would have in us…. fuck all!

So if you like what you heard, spread the word! (or if you know someone else who likes their music  dug out of a stinking grave and dropped a few times?)

View the track list here:

  1. 11
  2. The Temple
  3. Crossroad Walkerz
  4. Grim World (ft. Luna Fox)
  5. Tape 1: Manikin
  6. The Raven (amalgamation of Life and Death)
  7. Darkness and Eye
  8. The Seance (Tape 1)
  9. Bodiez
  10. Tape 2: Depr6ved
  11. Curses (ft. Kray-Z Legz)
  12. Tape 3: Galdr
  13. The Coven
  14. One For The Dead
  15. Ritual 33 (A Rite of Initiation)

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