KMK Launches New Youtube Account and announces new KMK album!

Yesterday, D-Loc of the Kottonmouth Kings sent out a letter to members of the KMK mailing list concerning a new Youtube account and a brand new KMK album that will drop in February, 2021!

D-Loc shared the unfortunate news that they no longer have access to the Kottonmouth Kings Youtube which has over 180,000 subscribers, so they decided to start a brand new channel called PTB Records which you can subscribe to here: (17) PTB Records – YouTube

The first video they released is called “Legends Never Die” which is a tribute to the late Saint Dog.  You can view that music video below:


View the full letter that I referenced before here:

Click to enlarge!

As soon as more is announced about the new album, we’ll make sure to bring it your way!

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