ICP’s “Dog Beats” CD with Alternate Fat Ronnie Cover Now Available!

Alright collectors…this is your chance to grab yourself a copy of Dog Beats with the alternate “Fat Ronnie” cover that was talked about on the House Party Peep Show.

It will have the different cover, a bonus track, and is available in limited quantities!  At the time I ordered, there were about 2,000 still available, but I wouldn’t sleep on them too long!

This is the track listing for the re-release version of the EP:

  1. Ghetto Zone
  2. Wizard Of The Hood
  3. Life At Risk
  4. Dog Beats
  5. Ask You Somethin’ (Bonus Track)

Pick a copy up for yourself here: Dog Beats Alternate Cover CD – Psychopathic Vault

They also said that cassette tapes and posters would be coming soon!

For those who have never heard the classic wicked clown track called “Ask Ya Somethin'”, you can listen to it below.

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