Schedule for ICP’s Hella Fresh Holidays Patreon PPV released!

We got an unexpected piece of flavor today that should get you ninjas hype for the month of December!  Starting on Wednesday, December 2nd and going all the way through December 30th, anyone who subscribes to ICP’s Patreon ( will be treated to 13 individual PPV shows including this year’s Big Ballas Xmas Party!  Most of these shows will come straight from Violent J’s house yet again!

Check the official schedule below:

  • 12/2 (Wednesday) – The Clown Cookoff Show
  • 12/5 (Saturday) – Succulent Soup
  • 12/7 (Monday) – 20 Years of the Gathering Podcast
  • 12/9 (Wednesday) – Holiday Love Auction
  • 12/12 (Saturday) – Examination of a Super Ninja
  • 12/14 (Monday) – The Zen of Love Podcast
  • 12/16 (Wednesday) – JCW’s Bring Down The House
  • 12/19 (Saturday) – Juggalo Night Court
  • 12/21 (Monday) – Slideshow Spectacular
  • 12/23 (Wednesday) – Big Ballas Christmas Party
  • 12/26 (Saturday) – ICP’s Great Escape
  • 12/28 (Monday) – A Night with the Crystal Die
  • 12/30 (Wednesday) – ICP’s Pointless Pizza Party

Sounds like a hell of an eventful month, and I know that the $66.50 for October was well worth it in my opinion!  Tap the flyer below to subscribe:

Click to subscribe to ICP’s Patreon!

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