Lo Key (Mission Infect) Announces 4th Oracle “The Eyes of Parasuva”! Drops November 27th, 2020!

The masked underground hip-hop legend known all over the globe as Lo Key (Mission Infect) has announced his next LP will be his 4th Oracle titled, “The Eyes of Parasuva”! And preorders are now live at this link here: https://www.shadowlandshop.com/product/the-eyes-of-parasuva-cd-pre-order

From Lo Key Himself:

“Come crawling forth… Will you survive her gaze? Or will you fall paralyzed, trapped in a timeless dimension for all of eternity?

Join us on November 27th as we unchain the 4th Oracle, “The Eyes of Parasuva” – a twisting journey through the ancient history of Shadowland itself, unlocking many secrets along the way.”

from Faygoluvers


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