Horrorcore Legend Q-Strange Set To Return This Black Friday With New Single “Under the Ground”!

Let’s take a DMC DeLorean time warp  back to over twenty years ago when the Rhode Island horrorcore hip-hop legend Q-Strange was at the top for most downloads through the now defunct OG MP3.com. Back when his lyrical vivid  rhyme schemes used to scare the shit out of the underground within the classic records “Decayed Thoughts”, “Creation To ExeQtion (The Audio Biography Of A Serial Killer), and “Strangeland”?! Back when  rumors were spiraling around online that Q-Strange was going to sign with Twiztd’s defunct Majik Recordz in 2003.

Near the start of this year Q-Strange randomly dropped three brand new tracks titled “Stab”, “Die Pig”, and “The Bad Man”.  We of course did coverage behind the three tracks. But mysteriously after the article blew up, Q-Strange shut down all social media and Soundcloud links. We thought it was maybe due to the Rhode Island emcee planning something bigger for the underground? Looks to be that way because now all of a sudden Q-Strange’s first three LP’s are all back up on Youtube with the website link qstrange.com containing new Q-Strange merchandise. What’s even more dope is a brand new Q-Strange single titled “Under the Ground” is set to be released this Black Friday on the 27th. Fans can pre-save the single right now at https://ps.onerpm.com/2244102335

Unfortunately that’s all we have for now, but be sure to pre-save that new “Under The Ground” Q-Strange track. Keep posted on Faygoluvers.net for more news regarding Q-Strange and more of the underground!

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