D-Loc Announces The Release of Kottonmouth Kings Original Demo Tapes

I’ve got some big news for all the OG Kings and Queens out there! D-Loc of the infamous Kottonmouth Kings recently went on IG to announce that he has dug deep into the vault to find the groups original demo recordings

and will be releasing them officially very soon! That’s right, for the first time ever we will be able to hear original, raw, unfiltered, and unsigned, Kottonmouth Kings featuring D-Loc, Saint Dog (RIP), and Johnny Richter! Here is the offical word taken from the groups Instagram

I put this collage together with a bunch of old flyers, art, first show stuff, hand drawn doodles, old rhyme books, a vhs tape that was from a show we did in 98’ all kinds of stuff I have been keeping from 1996 through till now- the art all here represents that time era 96’-98’ , I thought it was best to use it all and kinda mimic the collage we did on Royal highness inside cover art a touch, not much but pulled some inspiration from that for this. This release is pro. going to be the rarest most unique and one-of-a-kind. It’s only gonna be sold as hard copy’s gonna make the old tape digital. We are only releasing 500 digital copies that will be sold on our website. We have such a crazy history to our band and die hard fans all around and always get message saying , how did u guys start. kmk is such a unique story and sharing our history with everyone is very important I think – we are close to all our fans and showing them the true start /birth of #kottonmouthkings and how we all wrote and rapped as teenagers is engaging to all. It was the first time me @85jrichter and @saint.dog were on the mics.. this is so classic and funny to me when I listen back to it 24 years later – the sounds you will hear off this sparked the nation and the kmk movement being , suburban life skate rap punks!! Cottonmouth PTB , P- Town Ballers the names Turned into Kottonmouthkings , we represent the city of Placentia in Orange County Ca, 92670 is where we venture’d.. #kmk4life

Pre Orders go up December 1st, so make sure to mark your calendars. In Addition, the group is currently holding their annual black Friday sale! Make sure you head over to KottonMouthKingsStore.com and use the code DANKSGIVING to receive 30% off your purchase.

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