KYNE X BLAZE X REDD – “2 Signs” [Official Music Video]

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Video Credits:
Directed by BMVP


She was in her knee highs I was in my Levis we were in the backroads swervin’ throwing peace signs, we don’t stop for red lights, tryna have the best night, grab another Bud Light we drinking til’ the sunrise X2

So baby let’s roll back to the reality findin’ us a spot on the top of the world so you can see that nobody’s got ahold of me, take a place and get lost with me, find a ride or come home with me, let’s go back together this song can last forever with the moonlight shinin’ baby we can do whatever while we roll back to that reality, livin’ for the moment we’re caught up in where we oughta be

Hook X2

Okay she can get it I know she wit it she stay thirsty, never quit it all up in it since the first day, bend the corner hit the curb spot her burbs and her curves, with them knee highs on ass lookin’ absurd, yeah it shakin’ left to right yeah she know how to move, riding shotgun with booze gettin drunk on the loose, we throw them deuces peace signs east side my 3’s up, man I do this every night you know we gotta stay crunk

Hook X2

And you can catch me outside smokin’ on some of that good pine, thrown’ up deuces to the homies all about that love and good vibes, we came from basement nights, now we got our name up in lights, still we out here keepin’ it 100 that fame ain’t changin’ what’s right, I spent my summers, goin’ on with the people I love not worryin’ bout what the future holds and as time passed we got older but that don’t mean we don’t have each other, country baby hate it or love it that’s what made me, my momma came from Texas southern comfort is how she raised me, okay okay, beautiful days, that I live for no matter the case, basket case with a packed suitcase goin’ down south for the warm sun rays,

Oh R E double D, K Y NE, day one OG’s, no cold feet on a path singin’ out to the nosebleeds, Peace signs throw em’ up you know we be fine never livin’ my life on the decline uh, Eastside Westside Northside Southside we shine beautiful girls with big behinds lookin’ mighty fine in those knee-highs won’t you be mine

Hook X2

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