Jamie Madrox Interviewed by Icon Vs Icon!

There’s a brand new interview with Jamie Madrox that’s definitely one of the better ones that I’ve read.  Journalist Dylan Lyles was the perfect person to interview Madrox as he’s been a fan of Twiztid for nearly two decades!

He and Madrox really hit it off during the interview and speak about their newly released projects, the 20 year anniversary of Freek Show, their beginnings as the House of Krazees, common misconceptions about Twiztid, and so much more!

This is a lengthy interview but is jam packed with info on Twiztid’s history!  Peep the intro to the interview below.

From IconVsIcon.com:

We all have that music we want to just share with the world. Those artists that we hold near and dear to us. You enjoy pretty much everything in their catalogue. Honestly, that’s what Twiztid is to me. I’ve been pretty outspoken about my history with the duo but here’s a refresher.

In October of 2003, I was roaming a Best Buy in Glen Burnie, MD. I was 11 years old at the time and fascinated by horror and all things spooky. While roaming the aisles I came across this album cover that would change my life forever. This grotesque picture of two faces sewn together. Besides the Backyard Wrestling video game, this was my first experience with Twiztid and the Juggalo subculture. On that day I bought that album, along with ICP’s The Great Milenko. They changed my life forever. I was entranced in this brand-new subculture that I wanted to surround my entire life with.

Now, 17 years later my listening habits are a bit different, but one thing never changed: Twiztid. Regardless of the avenues they chose and the musical choices they made, I continued to always find something to appreciate. They’re two artists that I wish I could get everyone to experience. I just want to say, “Hey! Get rid of your preconceived notions, and check these dudes out. They’re incredible!” Hopefully, regardless of how you feel, after reading this interview you’ll get a chance to experience the freshness.

Having recently dropped a collection of Halloween tracks, “Songs of Samhain” and getting ready for the upcoming “Welcome to the Freek Show” virtual experience, the duo is pretty much on top of the world. I’m grateful to have gotten a chance to chat with one half of the group, Jamie Madrox. What followed was an hour long video chat with one of the most genuine people I’ve had a chance to speak with. We chat the past, the present, and what’s to come. Join me as I take you on this wondrous journey.

That’s merely the introduction of a lengthy and incredibly fun and informative interview!  Check the full interview at this link: https://www.iconvsicon.com/2020/10/17/dont-get-it-twiztid-jamie-madrox-reflects-epic-reign-of-the-demented-duo

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