Hallowicked 2020 Acoustic Ticket Auctions are LIVE!

The time is near!  We’re a mere 2 weeks away from Hallowicked, and as you all know, this year it’s taking place right in Violent J’s living room!

The show will be acoustic and will feature both Ouija Macc and Big Hoodoo.  The entire night will be MC’d by the one and only Clownvis!

It’s sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you and only a few dozen other ninjas get to experience!

Check all of the details before you bid.

From PsychopathicVault.com:

You are bidding on 1 ticket for Hallowicked 2020 which takes place in Violent J’s living room. Really!

Taking place on October 31st, 2020. Yourself and 49 other ninjas will be picked up blindfolded and placed in a blacked-out van and taken on a long disorientating ride to the mecca of the Juggalo Kingdom, non-other than Violent J’s house!

Phones must be left in your cars and will not be allowed during the event. Disposable cameras are allowed.

No backpacks or bags will be allowed at Violent J’s House.

This event is taking place in an undisclosed location just outside of Detroit Michigan. These tickets are non-transferable. You must be in Detroit on October 31st, 2020 to experience this event.

All winning bidders will be emailed further details.


Saturday, October 31st / 9pm to Midnight

Featuring Ouija Macc, Big Hoodoo, and Clownvis

This epic concert will take place right in Violent J’s living room! It will feature full sound and concert lighting! See ICP as you have never witnessed them before as you delve deep into the darkest recesses of their music. This show will be performed acoustically with a live band, Hallowicked style. This very performance will show ninjas exactly why ICP is considered to be one of—if not the greatest, most successful—horrorcore artists of all time! Let the gates of the Dark Carnival swing open wide before you as the spirits come forth to feed on the wicked souls of this world!

There are only 50 tickets available, so you know they’re gonna go for a grip of cash.  Bidding ends on October 20th @ noonish, so bookmark that page and get your biddin’ on!

Click the pic below to start your bidding wars:

Click to bid on Hallowicked Tickets!

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