Angelspit Recently Unleashed Mind-Melting Political Record “The Ignorance Cartel”!

As most may know we cover a variety of different underground music beyond just hip-hop. And if you’re looking for something different to help escape the craziness of today’s world, we here at are proud to report that industrial heavy hitters Angelspit have recently unleashed what could be their most angriest and experimental political record to date, “The Ignorance Cartel”!  It’s the second installment in Angelspit’s “HEXE Trilogy” and contains 14 tracks of mind-melting political mayhem!

From Angelspit frontman Zoog Von Rock:

“The Ignorance Cartel” was written in LA in the 12 months leading up to the Covid outbreak and produced during the first 4 months in Lockdown. A pandemic, riots, mass unemployment and a flood of dis-information inspired Angelspit to push the tracks in a more brutal direction to match the brutality of the current times.”

What’s even more dope is there is a special retro VHS to coincide with the release of “The Ignorance Cartel” and according to Zoog Von Rock,“Its produced with video glitch label The Basement Labs, the VHS contains videos of each track – totaling over 60 minutes of content! All music videos will eventually be available on YouTube, however these videos are special versions exclusive to the VHS. The content will be RATED M (Will not contain hate speech, encouraging violence against others or Pornographic material), as I’m giving video directors uncensored freedom in their videos.”

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Official “The Ignorance Cartel” Track-listing

01: Eat the Children

02: Ammosexual

03: Happy Little Coma

04: Little Bastards

05: Love to Watch

06: Someone Else

07: Spade

08: Don’t Say

09: Hot Machine

10: Comply or Die

11: Easy

12: Stick to the Plan

13: Live Fast or Die

14: All Puppet No Master

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