Juggalo Survey: Answer 12 Questions for upcoming Book about Subcultures

A freelance writer by the name of Tea Krulos is in the middle of writing a book that studies subcultures, social movements, and other fandoms during the Trump era.

Tea would like to include Juggalos in the book, and has drafted up 12 questions that ask about your Juggalo names, political opinions, favorite artists, and more!

Back in the day, someone from RealJuggalos.com made a post for me about a college project, so I always try to return the favor for those looking for help when it comes to Juggalos.  Do them a favor and answer these questions at the following link:

2020 Survey Of The Juggalos @ SurveyMonkey.com

Do that up and help ’em out!

from Faygoluvers


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