In Case You Didn’t Know! Alternative Press Drops Top 20 Horrorcore Albums Article W/ ICP, Esham, Twiztid, Scum, Razakel, Rozz Dyliams, & More!

As we are heading into the Fall/Halloween season, we are bound to awesomely start seeing a variety of horrorcore, death rap, wicket-shit hip-hop articles spread across the internet like a Zombie plague akin to the film “Day of the Dead”. Alternative Press  are usually ahead of the music industry when it comes to music journalistic sleuths. I mean Alternative Press was founded in 1985  and ever since their beginnings, they’ve reported on a vast amount of independent and underground acts from all different walks of life. This time they decided to compile an article to shine some light on the underground horrorcore hip-hop scene titled, “20 Horrorcore Albums That Are Better Than Your Favorite Scary Movie”. The Alternative Press writer Giedre Matulaityte even states, “Cannibal Corpse could take notes.” While AP shows love behind Insane Clown Posse’s “Fearless Fred Fury” Esham’s “She Loves Me Not, Twiztid’s “Mad Season”, Scum’s (Lyrikal Snuff Productions) “Zippers Creepers”, Razakel & Lyssa Cer’s “The Manson Theory”, Rozz Dyliams’ “Faith, Hope, Charity”, Alla Xul Elu’s “Church of Xul” EP, and more! Mad fresh!

Read the full Alternative Press article here:

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