ICP’s Campfire Stories Ticket Auctions On Sale Friday, September 18th! Limited to 20!!

As stated last week, there will be an auction happening for those of you who want to go to Detroit and spend a night in Violent J’s Backyard to hear some of the dopest, most unique and unheard stories from the Wicked Clowns that they’ve ever told!

Did you see the description for this crazy epic event that’s happening on October 14th?  If not, peep the update below.

From InsaneClownPosse.com:

October 14th – Wicked Clown Campfire Stories (In-Person Tickets Available)

Join Violent J, Shaggy 2-Dope, Rude Boy, and Jumpsteady as they sit around a campfire in Violent J’s backyard to tell candid personal stories of their lives.

There will only be 20 Tickets available, and they will be bid on in an auction format at PsychopathicVault.com!

Let the bidding wars begin tomorrow at 12 PM EST!  Good luck ninjas!!

from Faygoluvers


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