Watch the Ugly Juggalos Podcast Saturday, August 8th!

Whaddup ninjas!

As you know, this weekend would have been the Gathering of the Juggalos, had COVID not ripped through the world like a whirlwind of staleness and left everything in disarray. STALE!

But don’t sit there cryin about it, lil bitchface! We got some flavor for you, no matter what!

Now it’s no secret that the infamous Philly Scrubs Crew is known far and wide as one of the funniest and craziest campsites at GOTJ.

And them Scrubs boys have you covered with an all-new podcast straight out the minds of their collective insanity, as they present to you…The Ugly Juggalos Podcast!

The UJP is hosting a very special show, Saturday, August 8th, at 8pm EST. Peep the flavor, straight from the Scrub homie Hater himself:

The new episode of the Ugly Juggalos Podcast will be available on the Ugly Juggalos Podcast YouTube channel this Saturday August 8th at 8pm EST. While we all wish we were at the gathering crowd surfing instead of at home couch surfing (thanks COVID) we’ve decided to dedicate the entire episode to the Gathering of the Juggalos. We’re giving gathering advice, what first timers should expect, what to pack, the do’s and don’t of the gathering, BUT most importantly, plenty of personal stories from past gatherings that will make ya laugh so hard that you’ll forget that your not actually there!!! So check it out!!! Don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE!!! & TURN ON YOUR NOTIFICATIONS!!!!

Another BIG announcement!!! The Ugly Juggalos Podcast will be dropping some fresh merch, same date, same time!!! That’s this Saturday August 8th at 8pm EST!!! So if you like the podcast and want to help us make it better head on over to our store and buy some shit!!!

Well…there you have it. Some straight Scrub shenanigans to spend your Saturday with.

CLICK HERE to join the Ugly Juggalos for Saturday’s show

Also be sure to peep out the flavor below:


Whoop whoop and Scoop poop to the Ugly Juggalos Worldwide!

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