Scum (Lyrikal Snuff Productionz) Releases Gore-Hop Soaked Records “Out With The Old” Vol 1 and Vol 2!

Good morning, ninjas! If you somehow didn’t know the Gore-Hop King known worldwide as Scum just unleashed his latest double record “Out With The Old” Vol 1 and Vol 2 And both their lyrical monomania is bound to cause dead bodies to mysteriously start piling up inside your very own home upon first pressing play!

From the Gorefather himself:

“Forreal. I know a lot of dope releases dropped today and so you definitely had your options and choices to make so the fact that so many of you showed your support to what we been building independently against all scene limitations and politics with so many praying for our downfall for the last 20 years truly blows my mind and deserves my thanks and appreciation! Hope this album was worth the wait and all the endless hours of work that went into it translated into a release you will all enjoy! This could be a VERY long post but you know who you are! Much respect to all the producers involved with OWTO, featured artists, graphic designers, video creators, media outlets that helped spread album awareness, LSP family and artists that helped promote the record, merch and CD manufacturers that met our deadlines in these crazy times, the snuff shop team that got it out to the people, and of course most of all the people that picked up a copy be it physical or digital form. Thank you all, none of this would be possible if I was truly a 1 man army. Fortunately I am not. Much love”

“Out With The Old” Vol 1 Tracklist: 01. Talez from the Freezer 02.  Die Yung 03. What It Iz 04. Prevail 05. All That Lies Ahead 06.  Dead Motherfuckas 07. Sinnafuck 08. What Duz That Make U 09. Captain.mp3 10. Tick Tock 11.  F-U-All 12. Judge Me Not 13. Asylum Mmxx. 14.  I Hate Me Too 15. Out with the Old
“Out With The Old” Vol 2 Tracklist:

01. feat. Ouija Macc & Death Plus – Tired of Waiting 02. feat. Damien Quinn & Donnie Menace – Cleanup.mp3 03.  feat. Bloodshot – Unforgiven 04.  feat. MC Val – Chistka 05.  feat. Rozz Dyliams – Say Your Goodbyes 06. feat. Twiztid – Mind of a Killa 07. feat. Smallz One & Insane Poetry – It Could Be You 08. feat. Reznik – Sadistic Inhumane Compulsive Killings 9. feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Rozz Dyliams – What Is Dead (May Never Die) 10. feat. Frodo the Ghost – Soul 2 Keep 11. feat. Insane Poetry & Bukshot – Let the Sleeping Dogs Lie 2020 12. feat. Jp Tha Hustler & Boondox – Rest When I’m Dead 13. feat. Bake Lo – Deaths You Die 14. feat. Cody Manson – Bad Dayz 15. feat. Insane Poetry, Gravedog, Morbyd & Skitzomichigan – Redrum Diary [Unsubs Edition]

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