Richard Cheese covers ICP’s “Fuck The World” on Latest Album! [Listen Inside]

Here’s something that I bet you thought you’d never hear…an Insane Clown Posse track recreated as a classical piano cover song.  On top of that, it’s for the 1999 classic “Fuck The World”!

The artist Richard Cheese has put his classical spin on well-known top 40, metal, rap, and other songs for years!  It seems out of left field that he would choose an ICP track, but after listening to it, I’m extremely happy that he did!

You can hear Richard Cheese’s version of ICP’s “Fuck The World” below:

Now, if you want to support Richard Cheese for showing love, he’s got a new album out called Numbers Of The Beast that you can purchase digitally on Bandcamp!  First, check the tracklist:

  1. The Number Of The Beast
  2. Thank U Next
  3. It Was A Good Day
  4. Shitty Show (free)
  5. Savage
  6. Old Town Road
  7. Into The Night (Live in Las Vegas)
  8. Bad Guy
  9. Baby Stay The Fuck Away From Me (free)
  10. Truth Hurts
  11. Introducing The Band (Live in Las Vegas) (free)
  12. Fuck The World
  13. Baby Shark
  14. Tag Me (Live in Las Vegas) (free)
  15. Eye Of The Tiger
  16. HBD (Live in Las Vegas) (free)
  17. Vegas On My Mind (free)
  18. Darling Nikki
  19. Prize Giveaway (Live in Las Vegas) (free)
  20. Viva Las Vegas (Studio Version)
  21. My Favorite Vegas Joke (Live in Las Vegas) (free)
  22. I Was Drunk

The album includes 13 lounge covers of songs by Iron MaidenInsane Clown PosseAriana GrandeLizzoIce CubePrinceBillie Eilish, and more!  Download/stream the full album here:


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