Kidcrusher – “The Drain” Podcast [S01E01]

THE DRAIN is an underground podcast hosted by the South Australian musician KidCrusher with Friends / Special Guests, which primarily focuses on promoting music and movies from all over the world, including his own. Discover or Get Discovered in the tunnels of the industry as we record the echo of the screams from those who crawl below. In this season based series, KidCrusher will be reeling in various special guests as well as opening up about his own career and upcoming projects.

Louis Tripp from The Gate (1987) film, also its sequel; The Gate 2 Trespassers (1990) headlines the main event of the show as KidCrusher discusses Loui’s movie career, his music (X.A.O.S) as well as a collaboration between them two. The possibility of The Gate 3 and an update on The Gate reboot with Alex Winter – topped off with a bucket load of creepypasta and fan questions as we pick a part history of the making of The Gate!

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