Jelly Roll – “Wheels Fall Off” [Recorded Live]

Jelly Roll stated this about this video:

It seemed only fitting during the quarantine that I would perform some of my favorite songs to help y’all get through these times. This installment features a song that I dedicate to my beautiful wife Bunnie, ‘Wheels Fall Off’. The boys and I played these things live without a click track and I hope y’all enjoy the change up. I’ve always felt making music was very therapeutic for me, and I hope someone who needs this hears it.

We filmed these at the Amber Sound in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a sucker for a vibe in music — that feeling when a sound completely shifts the mood of a room. This vibe was more like an indie rock house show than a studio, which left me feeling inspired. Let me know what y’all think in the comments below.

Special thanks to the performers:
Stu Stapleton – Music Director/Keys/Synths
Still Matthews – Guitar/Mastering Engineer
Ryan Nelson – Bass
Justin Abraham – Drums
Ryan Youmans – Mixing Engineer

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