Humble Among – “Fear Of a Wack Planet”

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  1. Prison Pit (Prod. By Devereaux)
  2. Population Control (Prod. By Bad Mind)
  3. Thin Blue Line Feat. Doc C (Prod. By THEN WHAt)
  4. Visitors (Prod. By THEN WHAt)
  5. Anxious Feat. Raw Deff (Prod. By THEN WHAt)
  6. Toxic Waste Feat. Kasuke (Prod. By THEN WHAt)
  7. The Wind (Prod. By THEN WHAt)
  8. Mushroom Clouds (Prod. By Bad Mind)
  9. Broken (Prod. By THEN WHAt)
  10. Fade Away (Prod. By Bad Mind)

Humble Among describes this album as a Dystopian Sci-Fi Horror Comedy.

Production from: Devereaux, Bad Mind and THEN WHAt.

Featuring: Doc C (of Rhythm Ruckus), Raw Deff, and Kasuke.

Mixed and Masted by Bad Mind.

from Faygoluvers


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