ABK teases new Rydas Solo EP from Sawed-Off! New Warrior Spot Merch Available Soon!

Over at ABK’s Official Twitter (@abkwarrior), he posted something unexpected.  It looks to be an album cover from that Ryda known only as Sawed-Off called The Lone Ryda.

It shows a track list as well which can be seen below:

  1. Sawed-Off Street Theme
  2. Late Nights
  3. Lone Ryda
  4. In My Black Truck
  5. Ryda City
  6. Roll Another
  7. My Brand New Gat

We got word from Killa that the Sawed-Off EP was being uploaded to the NWI TV Youtube tonight, so we waited to post this, and it is now up for your listening pleasure!  Check out the entire EP below:

Those who had a delay on their Warrior Spot orders got a physical copy of this included in their orders!  Speculation has it that it will be available when the web store is back up.

Speaking of which, TheWarriorSpot.com has been out of commission for a while now.  Things are about to change though, because he has posted some brand new merch that’s about to be available when the store relaunches!   Peep that pic of flavor below:

Click the pic to visit TheWarriorSpot.com!

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