MC Lars Celebrates 100th Episode Behind His Podcast Featuring MC Chris!

MC Lars just celebrated the 100th episode behind his very own Podcast “The MC Lars Podcast” with special guest mc chris! Looks like the two nerdcore hip-hop pioneers are finally getting along again?! We here at sure hope so! And we hope this leads to more tracks between the two! “The Roomate From Hell” is a fire nerdcore classic between MC Lars and mc chris!

From MC Lars:

“This week on the podcast, I catch up with one of the titans of nerdcore, mc chris. We talk about fatherhood, his upcoming projects and what he has been up to during the pandemic. We also discuss our past tours, why things haven’t always gone smoothly in our friendship, and how gratitude can be a motivating factor. This was a very cathartic episode with a man who has given me a lot, and I could not think of a better guest for the milestone 100th episode!”

Peep the 100th episode of the MC Lars Podcast below!

from Faygoluvers


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