Big B & The Felons Club – “Forget You” (ft. Everlast) [Official Music Video]

Big B is back with another new single from his outlaw group, The Felons Club, this time teaming up with Everlast, aka Whitey Ford, for the new single “Forget You”. The single was co-written with Everlast and features his trademark raspy flow singing the hook. Big B first teamed up with Whitey Ford on “Before I Leave This Place” from his breakthrough album “Good Times & Bad Advice”. The new single “Forget You” is the latest track from The Felons Club’s upcoming debut album, “Welcome To The Club”, which is coming on June 19th via Regime Music Group.

“I’ve been blessed to do some incredible features throughout my career and Everlast is one of them. I’ve been a fan of his for so many years and then to be able to do another song with him for this Felons Club record was awesome,” commented Big B.

With the release of The Felons Club album, Big B has come to a natural sonic evolution as he puts his own unique stamp on the classic outlaw sound. Big B continues to evolve musically with each and every project he releases. His unorthodox style that leaps between rock, hip-hop, and country creating the soundtrack for road trips and cold beers with good friends.

The Felons Club is the soundtrack to a lifestyle. This is music for misfits, outlaws, and nomads. The club is comprised of working-class blue-collar Americans who have bonded together over their love of building things, riding across the country, and driving in the fast lane. The Felons Club is about drinking beer, building shit, and making music to ride to. If you’re into any of those things, then welcome to the club. If you wear skinny jeans and have a man bun you might not like it.

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