Is Post Malone a Juggalo?

It’s your Northern homie Rosco finally back on the FLH site to bring you some exclusive Juggalo news (that isn’t really important news) but is fresh none-the-less!
It appears that the multi-platinum/multi-talented singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer, Post Malone could be down with the clown!

Could be…

Recently, Post popped into a restaurant in Salt Lake City to grab a bite to eat. Afterward, the owner of the joint got a picture of himself taken with Post outside the restaurant and of course posted it online to the interwebs.

99.9% of Juggalos would notice this right away, but aside from the white crocs, the dopest thing I’m seeing in the photo is that Post is sporting a red and black Hatchetman jersey!

Take a look:

Shaggy did mention that he took his kids to a Post Malone show in Detroit and was able to ninja his way backstage. This could be where Post got that freshness, or maybe he’s just a straight-up closet Juggalo!

Regardless, it’s dope to see the mainstream showing even the smallest amount of love for the underground scene.

What do you ninjas think? Is Post Malone a Juggalo? Is he just showing our culture some love? Will he ever play the Gathering? Can he name all the Joker’s Cards?

We’ll have to see what the future brings.

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