ESHAM Interviewed by Far Out Magazine; Speaks on ICP, Eminem, more!

Just a couple of days after releasing a Top 10 of Horrorcore list, journalist and Juggalo Mike Milenko of Far Out Magazine published a brand new interview with the one and only ESHAM!

Esham was super laid back, spoke on Detroit artists such as Proof, ICP, Eminem, and more.  Check out an excerpt from it below.


“What up doe, how are you doing? I appreciate the call, man”. The drawl on the phone was unmistakable. I was in conversation with the pioneer of acid-rap and horrorcore. One of the first MCs to come out of Detroit, a figure who paved the way for artists such as the Insane Clown Posse, Eminem and Kid Rock. Nervously asking if I should call him Esham or ‘The Unholy,’ he laughs. “I’m just Esham Smith. That was just a nickname. A clever marketing ploy.”

Esham was laid back and relaxed as we continued the call. He explained the origins of his love affair with hip-hop and we were treated to a blow-by-blow account of his education in the music industry. Born in Long Island, New York, and moving between his parent’s homes, he grew up on the east side of Detroit where he attended school and gained notoriety as a vocal young teen whose blood-soaked lyrical content read like a checklist of video nasties. Murder, sex, violence and Satan, were all part of the developing horrorcore sound.

Esham wrote his first albumBoomin’ Words from Hellbefore his voice had even dropped. “I was actually 13 when I started working on that record. I was writing rhymes even then. I made ‘Devils Groove’ when I was 13 but it didn’t come out until I was 15. I was very young when I started doing that stuff.”

With over 23 albums currently on Spotify, including his two latest releases, ‘She Loves Me’ / ‘She Loves Me Not’ I wonder what made Esham first pick up the mic: “Just the freedom hip-hop has.” He tells me, “The freedom to express yourself. The artists that I heard, comin’ up were expressing themselves, and being really creative. I just fell in love with hip-hop, like any kid. It’s been a 35-year love affair since then, hip-hop was my first love. But then I cheated on her with rock n roll, then I had a slight fling with jazz before I settled down with soul. I’m all over the place with my musical palette.”

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