Violent J Interview w/ Stereogum

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I hope everyone is staying safe in these times, I don’t want to put too much info in here that recently Stereogum did a bomb ass interview with Violent J and they spoke on a gang of topics including :

-Customized Clown Clips
-History Lesson Of Certain Songs
-GOTJ Cancellation

Here’s the a preview of the interview..

Click the link before for the full deal.

This summer, every festival is cancelled. Most of the cancellation announcements have been brief and businesslike, but one was emotional. In April, the members of the long-running Detroit duo Insane Clown Posse were forced to tell their fans that the Gathering Of The Juggalos, their annual family reunion, couldn’t happen this year. Their announcement is heartbroken, determined, and compassionate: “The bottom line is simply that we REFUSE to risk even ONE Juggalo life by hosting a Gathering during these troubling times.”

That’s the way things tend to go for the Insane Clown Posse. Since they first put on the clown makeup nearly three decades ago, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope have built up a fascinating cult around themselves, and they’ve been fierce, ardent defenders of that cult. ICP have been treated as a pop-culture punchline for years — when they and their fans haven’t been treated as something to be feared — but they’re also a DIY success story and a rallying point for a whole lot of people who really need one. In the name of the Juggalos, ICP sued the FBI and marched on Washington. They live for their fans, and their fans live for them.

Today, ICP are underground rap elders. Nobody else in the entire history of popular music has ever had a career anything like that of the Wicked Clowns. On a Zoom call from the Psychopathic Records offices in Michigan, Violent J, the more talkative half of ICP, spoke with us for a long time, telling us about some fascinating moments from ICP’s back pages. And yes, he was wearing the facepaint. Violent J, I learned, is an excellent storyteller.

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