Kidcrusher releases Amazon Prime Banned “Death Death Documentary” for free streaming

Kidcrusher just released his controversial backyard wrestling documentary titled “Death Death Documentary” for free streaming on YouTube. Here’s what KC had to say about the release on his Facebook.

Between 2001/2006 I managed a backyard wrestling group and produced short films called the Death Death Documentary. They were recorded on VHS and released for rental at Blockbuster and then got a DVD remaster in 2007. Recently I was contacted by Amazon prime to distribute the doco on their platform, which I was more than motivated to bring this project out of the vault for. However it had to go through a rating system, and it is now officially BANNED for streaming distribution of worldwide due to bloody violence.I have also come to believe that the DVD of the documentary will rarely be seen because buys DVDs anymore? So I decided to release the doco for FREE on YouTube, to promote the UPCOMING WEB SERIES in development for 2020. Which I’ll have more details on in the future. The documentary tonight however, may bet banned on YT or may not. But either way I’d suggest to check it out asap if you have the stomach for things like; Jackass, CKY, CZW, ECW. It also features an industrial soundtrack featuring; Lenny Dee, The Bezerker and more. This was a major passion of mine before I dove into music – I hope you like it – make sure to sub to my channel for the new series!!!”

If I were you, I’d hurry up and check it out before YouTube tries to ban it!


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