10 years of Miracles

Here is an article I found that I think a lot of you ninjas out there would be interested in.

Nymag.com recently posted up an article taking a look back at Insane Clown Posse’s cult hit, “Miracles”. In this article the author talks about the impact the song and video had on pop culture and how it may be viewed a lot differently it was released in today’s world. Check out this excerpt from the article below.

“It’s easy to imagine the music video, were it to be released now, being celebrated by Facebook boomers and Upworthy-like media operations for its positive outlook. A music video about the simple wonders of the world might play a little differently in the spring of 2020 than it did a decade earlier.”

The article is about a 10-15 minute read, but definitely an interesting one if you have the time.

Click to read the article on NyMag.com

click to read the full article on NyMag con

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