Scarface (Geto Boys) Currently Battling COVID-19! Warns Public To Take Virus Seriously!

Currently Global Health Officials are battling with the Trump administration on the heated subject of the importance of shutting down the United States, as people are still rapidly spreading the Corona Virus, especially states not locked down. And while their are people thankfully recovering around the world in great numbers, the death toll still continues to increase. Today we here at learned that Scarface of the Geto Boys is unfortunately currently in quarantine battling the deeply dreaded Corona-Virus. He looks to be doing okay, but Scarface himself states, “He’s still not out of the woods yet!”. “These past three weeks have been an ordeal, man,” said Scarface, “It’s the craziest shit I have ever been in. I felt like I was gonna die, bro.” Scarface also reported  he began to have pneumonia along with common symptoms such as fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. He also said he has nausea and diarrhea and later his kidneys began to fail.  According to his doctor this could be a case of community spread. Scarface encourages his fans to take COVID-19 and sternly says, “People out there thinking this shit is game, this aint no joke!”  Everyone associated with wants to wish Scarface a speedy successful recovery with no serious injuries and we want to ask our readers to please take COVID-19 serious!


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