Saint Archie – “Old Ass Road” [Official Music Video]

Saint Archie said:

We up on the other side, brodies actin’ like we tied I’ve been gone since like Sept, wodies actin’ like I died~⬇🔥👀😇
Been working on million dollar deals and getting everything situated, but I’m back back off my lil vaca and being in Facebook Jail with a hit for y’all, this gonna go viral, God’s plan. Ps……
I am no longer in a gang, sell drugs, fight, I dont even have sex no more for God but I’m looking into that lol but am no longer with this life and will not sin and have gave my life completly to Jesus and will not say the N word in my music past this song since I’m Spanish and to be a leader in our community but feel like that’s all we say,so if I can’t say it nether can y’all. But I must tell my story and be a reporter of these streets and don’t act like im the only one out here who does it, atleast I care about your kids and am real and take accountability but it is how it is so there for here is a Spanish Victory Lap a short film by Saint Archie Saiint and Obi Juan Jose and Christopher Michael with the help with the biggest and best Director in Grand Junction and his crew at Running Director Productions.
My new album is coming Friday Febuary 21st.
A Whole Lotta Jesus Shit, A Gossiple Album by Saint Archie❤
Song credits~
Old ass road (Old town road unoffical free beat remix).
R.i.p.NIP (Last time that I check unoffical free beat remix).
Suge Remix (Unoffcial suge beat remix).

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