Nearly 15 Years Later! Texas Gothic Emcee Shy One Finally Unleashes “The Door”!

We know ya’ll are enjoying those classic Friday The 13th slasher flicks. But on the real! The underground hip-hop community is set ablaze right now! Nearly 15 years has passes since the Texas based Gothic emcee legend  Shy One (Now known as XShy361x due to a new rising DJ star using the Shy One name) first announced his long awaited LP “The Door”. And now the underground  is finally able to bump what could actually be the most important underground record of the decade! And hot damn is Shy One’s “The Door” on some nightmarish devil shyt! Powerful enough to cause poltergeist situations to erupt from within your stereo system upon first hitting play! We’re damn proud to have ya back, Shy! Thank you from all of for dropping such a beast of a record!

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Official Track-listing:

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