ICP Announces the Ultra Live Monster 5 Concert Series!

Our homies at Psychopathic Records just made a HUGE announcement concerning a series of events that will be happening over the next couple of years!  This unexpected bout of flavor left us with a lot of info, but even more questions!  Let’s run down what we learned from it!

  • All 5 events will be a part of what’s called ICP’s Ultra Live Monster 5.
  • The events will start this year and happen through 2022
  • Each event will have their very own theme and take place in different locations

Very VERY soon, the date, theme, and location of the first event will be announced via InsaneClownPosse.com and all of their social media accounts.

At each one of these concerts, a unique collector coin will be available with a design based on the theme of that show.

Click to enlarge!

That means there will be 5 total coins!  If you are able to attend all of these shows, and collect all 5 coins, you can ge ta personalized Ultra Live photo ID card that will benefit you at the following 4 annual events:

  1. Juggalo Weekend
  2. Gathering of the Juggalos
  3. Hallowicked
  4. Big Ballas

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No matter where any of these events are at for the rest of your lives, if you have the Ultra Live Juggalo ID, you’ll get the following at those 4 annual events:

  • Discounts on Merch
  • Discounts on Meet & Greets
  • Early entry (15 minutes)
  • More benefits soon to be announced!

So keep a lookout for the announcement of the first location, theme, and date coming very soon!

Now, peep the 5 minute infomercial below!

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