The Shaggy and The Creep Show debuts January 28th! New Merch Available!

In just TWO days, we welcome the long-awaited return of The Shaggy and The Creep Show featuring Kegan Ault!  The original versions of The Shaggy Show debuted nearly 20 years ago, and those of you who were around during the AOL dial-up days remember just what a pain in the ass it was to get those 50+ MB video files downloaded.  Yes, this predated Youtube.   In fact, I’m pretty sure Youtube got the idea for their company from Shaggy.  Purely speculation.

Anyways, this Tuesday, January 28th marks the return of these shows, and you can bet on some fuckin’ hilariousness. Check the 1 minute sneak preview below.

For those of you who missed out on the original Shaggy shows, a Youtuber compiled a playlist for you to scope your eyes on.  If you can get past the graininess of the videos, they’re well worth the watch:

Finally, Shaggy and Kegan have some new “Shaggy & The Creep” merch available at  They’ve got $25 shirts, $45 hoodies, $25 hats, $20 socks, and a $5.00 sticker, all featuring their new logo. Click the banner below to get your shoppin’ on:

Click the pic to purchase some Shaggy and Creep merch

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